Monday, August 2, 2010

small town U.S.A.

I spent a week in Nikiski, Alaska. It's where i was born and raised, and i do not get back there enough.
Here's some from that wonderful journey.
my pops is out there in that boat, commercial fishing at its finest
this truck has been around, doin work since i was a wee lad
this is taken directly in front of the house i grew up in
and this is the house
used to be my wheels when i was 16

mount mckinley there in the distance, taken off my front porch
jake found himself a scoot
so did i
old buddies, good times by all
sometimes you find the most random things in the 
middle of nowhere, this was a good 20 mi
from any road
had to do some fishin myself
I miss this place every single day, it's an amazing place and i will be there again someday soon


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