Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If you need some fabrication done by an AMERICAN genius,
hit up SLIM

He's a rad dude, has amazing style, and just hands down cant be beat.
he's done stuff for us a few times and it's always top notch.


68 ironhead progress

so ....picked up a 68 ironhead last month and the process of turning a safe stock bike into a dangerous little hood scoot have been slower than i would like. Time and money are all a bike needs to complete its destiny(along with a little love) and i only have one of those...time. With the recent rain the ol job has been slow, hence plenty o time and a lack of funds...BUT with some trades, deals, and some scrap metal heres what little we have done.
1. bro's lathed up neck cups to take new front end.
2. some picks of eli wolf and i making up a cats eye suspended headlight mount/ finished mount
3. eli and i making a new right side jockey shift.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

young me

Bet ya didn't know i was a poet AND an artist,
Here's one of my first published pieces

I wanted to be davy crockett so bad, haha

Skool Bus, Tx style

Ran across this slammed bus when i was over in Texas,
this thing was legit, and for sale

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Born Free 2

So, the first one of these was hands down the best
bike "show" that i have been to.
The best bikes and the best of the underground.
Come out and support what we love.

and win a panhead

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Us

So, hopefully these guys are cool huh?
came across this a while back

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

jake wolfs new toy

jake picked up a 1968 ironhead 900 the other day,
should be a great new project, he threw on a springer that he had layin around,
hardtail, inverted controls and some paint comin soon,
should be on the road in a couple weeks


true facts

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

xs, mostly fabbed

Here's sort of a new one of johnny wolfs xs,
I'll get better pics of it soon

holiday updates 2

oh, and watch for the scoot in cycle cource..... coming soon. DO WHEELIES

holiday updates

so that buell a couple posts down is ridiculous, went to texas for christmas and new years (happy holidays by the way), and i took it out for a spin. 100+ in third gear, CRAZY... ride one some day, its a bit of a rush. Back to the beast for me though, a bit slower is good for me... Oh, messed up some rod bearings on the scoot, so pulled the motor out and took the lower end over to Bob at Bobs garage for a rebuild, hes throwin in some Andrews N4 cams, and porting some 1200 heads to put on... i'm gonna re-assemble this weekend.. so much for slow huh?