Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WW's at the SCR

A few of the WW's at the slab city riot..

Ian's Buell

My brother in-law Ians toy, pre crash....
i hear its back together and he's tearin up the streets again.
looks like a good time to me.
...american made...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Johnny Wolfs xs (the beginning)

Fresh from slims, looptail, check

Tim Wolfs 450

One 86 honda rebel 450... Done
do wheelies!!

Wyatt Wolf

The Prez


Need patches made ASAP!!!!


Nuff Said

NRHS 883-1250 kit (pics)

(the pics are in complete reverse order)
Build went nice, after all was said and done blew a head gasket,
it was definitely a rookie mistake, follow the torque sequence to a T!!
Pulled it apart, threw in a new gasket, and its been great ever since.
consumes oil (1 quart every 500 miles), but i think that its from other issues.
Way more power. Got it all dyno tuned over at Bobs Garage after the break in.

thanks to everybody for helpin (tim, ted, john, etc.......)

DO WHEELIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Rod Reunion Bako Ride

Only me a papa wolf rolled for this one
600 miles later we were held together with
duct tape and zip ties, ran outta gas more than twice
but wouldn't trade any of it for the world..

KEEP RIDIN!!!!!!!!!

The Pioneer Town Hustle Take 2

Like nowhere on earth

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NRHS 883-1250 conversion

Im gettin ready to do a nrhs 1250 conversion on my 883 this afternoon.. hopefully all goes well and the beast will be raisin hell tonight.. ill fill ya in and give ya my opinion on their kit.... word

one more xs

johnny sent me this one.. i approve

xs650 inspiration

johnny wolf picked up an xs. got me lookin around at some pics. this one grabbed my eye. nice and clear right here...