Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pistol Petes Paint

Here's the latest from ol Peter Wolf, super nice tins

If you want anything painted up, shoot me a message


Johnny Wolf said...

Pistol Pete in Pomona?

Eli Wolf said...

Pistol Pete/Peter Wolf in Oceanside

Johnny Wolf said...

Ohhhh. I know a Pistol (Pete Rodriguez) in P-Town. He used to go by "Pisol Pete" until he heard that there are several, so he goes by just "Pistols Kustom Paint and Pinstripe" now.

That little movie you posted looked a lot like his back yard too.


Eli Wolf said...

not bad, i just checked out his page there... good stuff..

man, we gotta share the road and have a handshake one of these days.

Michael said...

what tank is that?