Tuesday, March 23, 2010

been crazy/ ironhead progress

so things have been crazy lately. both eli and i have had family in town s we have
not had time to post anything...fam is gone now so here ya go...first is the finished product
from the springer chop...took out three inches and i am happy with the over all stance. second
is a pic of the oil bag all done and mounted. third is a shot of the bike as it sits now new lowered front end new tank and oil tank...just need a fender, sissy bar, and paint....enjoy.


Moto Bozo said...

fuck yes more posts!

seb said...

great work fellaz... more shots pls. you guys work fast!

Los D said...

Good looks! Time for all of us to get on the road.

special'79 said...

Beautiful work, can't wait to see the finished bike!