Saturday, April 3, 2010

some of todays action

Here's how today went down, woke up early, met up with Peter and Oli Wolf, 
went for a cruise, ate some crepes
Took my bike to Bob's Garage, saw a nice Pan

Met up with Jake wolf, got cleaned up

feeling fresh and clean, had a beer at the firewater,
stepped outside and bumped square into ol snap on Matt and his cute ride.

Took him down to the Pub, and the guiness was giving me some love..

thats what happens when i carry a camera around with me all saturday
nothing worth takin pictures of, but there you have it,
a day in the life of a werewolf
(insert smiley)

1 comment:

Los D said...

Why did you have to say the magic word, "crepes", SO HUNGRY!